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MetService is making changes to severe weather warnings and watches, including a colour code to indicate severity. You can learn more about these changes by clicking here. In preparation for this change, we have modified the icons on this map to be greyscale.

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Code of practice

Code of practice for the conveyance of advice of Severe Weather for individuals and agencies without statutory authority

Advice of severe weather is in the national interest since in most severe weather events, if sufficient warning is provided, actions to reduce the risk of loss of life and property can be taken.

Any weather information which:

  1. is not from the organisation designated under the Meteorological Services Act 1990 to provide the meteorological warning service (the "Official Alerting Authority"), and
  2. conflicts with information provided by the Official Alerting Authority, and
  3. could be reasonably construed by anyone receiving it to be advice from the Official Alerting Authority about severe weather

may lead to public confusion.

Accordingly, persons and organisations who receive information about potential severe weather provided by the Official Alerting Authority shall:

  • pass such information on without modification.
  • pass such information on as top priority, and within 10 minutes of the time of receipt.
  • have systems in place that alert them when information about potential severe weather has been updated by the Official Alerting Authority.
  • acknowledge the Official Alerting Authority as being the source of the information when passing it on.
  • present such information in a way that maintains, and does not detract from, the reputation of the Crown or the Official Alerting Authority.

MetService is the Official Alerting Authority and provides information about potential severe weather with the stipulation that those conveying that information comply with the above Code. In the event that MetService believes there has been a breach of any of these conditions, MetService will advise the Ministry and will agree with the Ministry whether it is appropriate to suspend the provision of information about severe weather to the person or organisation that is in breach.

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